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What to Expect

Confidentiality Policy

When you speak with someone about confidential matters, it is reassuring to know that the information is kept confidential. Be assured that New Direction Counseling respects your expectation of confidentiality. Your concerns will only be shared with God through your counselor’s private prayers for you. Your records will be carefully stored and will not be disclosed without your written consent and a signed release is obtained.

  1. It is required by law that all counselors have a duty to warn the appropriate authorities if a counselee intends to take harmful, dangerous, or criminal actions against himself or herself or someone around him/her.

  2. Professional and certified counselors are also mandated to report any incidences of “reasonable suspected child abuse” (physical or sexual), elder abuse, or suicide attempts.

  3. There are times when your pastoral counselor requires input from other pastoral counselors or appropriate professional advisors in order for you to receive the most meaningful and helpful guidance and quality of care.

Personal Responsibility

The Bible is the final authority for all questions of faith and conduct. We encourage you to look to God and His Word, the Bible, in all your decisions, and to seek His will and guidance in all aspects of your life. Biblical counseling provides services to help you understand more about God and His will for mankind, individually and corporately. You, the counselee, are the authority on the decisions you make for your life. You must take personal responsibility for any changes you decide to make moving forward, day by day and moment by moment.

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Hours, Scheduling, Fees, and Services

Our weekday office hours are Monday thru Thursday. New Direction Counseling is usually not available on holidays. Closed on Friday through Sunday, but other appointment times and dates may be available upon request. Online meetings are available upon special request.

Initial Appointments are a two-hour time frame including 10 to 15 minutes to complete the check-in process to fill out new client forms and /or assessments. Subsequent counseling sessions last approximately 60 to 75 minutes. Counselees are charged for the appointment if cancelled without a 24-hour notice.

Initial Session
Regular Sessions
$85 (Each Session)
Temperament Assessment
$50 (Included w/ Initial- Each Additional $50)
Couples Initial Session
$ 120 (Includes Temperament Assessments)
Couples Subsequent Sessions
$ 120 (Each Session)
This private pay counseling organization accepts cash, check, or major credit cards. We do not file for or accept insurance. Your church, employer, or local charitable organization may provide financial assistance.