susan frost

About Biblical Counseling

New Direction Counseling has a “high view” of Scripture and believes that the Bible is the infallible and inerrant Word of God. We believe that the Bible is the most reliable and authoritative record known to man and, as such, is the greatest source of answers for mankind related to life and death and all counseling and faith matters. The Bible informs the counseling session content and the recommendations for living.

Biblical pastoral counseling optimizes the resources of prayer and Scripture to guide counselees as they make choices and decisions and take responsibility for their lives. Each of us has struggles in life that can affect us physically, socially, emotionally, and spiritually. Biblical principles offer wisdom to overcome a wide range of spiritual problems, including anger, unforgiveness, loneliness, depression, addictive behaviors, and relationship issues, and to find solutions for healthy living. The path to change takes patience and time. So many challenges in life are a result of long-term patterns that can develop in us throughout life. Making necessary adjustments requires the time, determination, and willingness of the counselee to personally invest in themselves. As we seek God and His will, He is willing and able to provide the strength to fulfill His good plans for our lives.

About Temperament Theory

We are complex individuals made by God uniquely for purpose and meaning. You are a spiritual being. You have a soul wherein resides your mind, will, and emotions (this is where the temperament lives). And you live in a body.

Our body houses the physical qualities we have when we are born. For example, our body type, shape, skin color and the list can go on. Some are born with physical qualities that might make them a little more suited to grow up to be a sumo wrestler and some are more suited to be a ballerina.

So, just as you have unique physical qualities, you are also born with unique inner qualities or core needs and ways you interact with your environment and those around you.

Your inborn temperament is different from personality or behavior. It is who you are as opposed to what you do. As you interact with your environment, you develop character traits that influence behavior. And you also self-select your personality or your “mask” which is how you present yourself to others.

Within temperament, there are areas of need that are hidden from eyesight because they are “inner.” However, they are distinguishable and measurable. As a part of your counseling experience, you will learn about your unique temperament. This is a very important tool for life and your counselor will help you understand it and will assist you in benefiting from this new information.